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How to Use Pro-Stitcher Designer to Preview Quilting Designs on Your Quilt

Updated: May 16

Have you ever wanted to see what a certain pantograph/quilting design would look like on YOUR quilt top?

You just spent hours making your quilt top and want the quilting to compliment, not take away from it. As a longarm quilter, I often get requests from customers to preview quilt patterns before they commit to having that design(s) quilted their projects. I use Pro-Stitcher Designer to do this, and it's a great way to help customers visualize how their quilt will look finished.

Here are the steps I follow to preview quilting designs in Pro-Stitcher Designer:

  1. Import the quilt pattern or picture of the quilt into Pro-Stitcher Designer. I can do this by importing it as a JPG or PNG file.

  2. Size the quilt photo to the correct dimensions. I do this by measuring the finished size of the quilt and then entering those dimensions into Pro-Stitcher Designer.

  3. Choose a quilting design. I have a large library of quilting designs to choose from, and I can also find more designs to fit the needs of the quilting wanted.

  4. Place the quilting design on the quilt pattern. I can do this by manually placing and resizing the design where it best fits. Also getting to show you the correct density it would be on your quilt.

  5. Preview the quilting design. This allows me to see how the quilting design will look on the quilt pattern. I make the quilt top backdrop about 50% transparent so you can actually see the stitching designs on top of it.

  6. Make adjustments to the quilting design. If you're not happy with the way the quilting design looks, I can make adjustments to it. This might include changing the size of the design making the quilting more dense or looser so it is cuddly. The placement of the design, or the type of quilting design.

  7. Once you are happy with the quilting design, I can export it from Pro-Stitcher Designer. This allows me to send the design to the customer so they can see it on their own quilt top. I make the stitching design color high contrast to start just so you can really see the design. If you want to see your design in the thread color of choice then after you are happy with that design we can find a "thread" color that works best. The thread color can be tricky to tell if it will look best on the computer screen. So normally I will get ideas of thread and then physically put that thread color over those fabrics to make sure that is a good choice or not.

Previewing quilt patterns in Pro-Stitcher Designer is a great way to help customers visualize how their quilt will look finished. It also gives me the opportunity to make sure that the quilting design is exactly what the customer wants.

Density matters, everyone has their preferred feel and look. This takes all the guessing out of trying to make sure I achieve that for you!

Here are some additional tips when previewing quilt designs in Pro-Stitcher Designer:

  • Use a high-quality quilt pattern/photo. A good-quality quilt pattern will be clear and easy to read, and it will have all of the necessary information, such as the finished size of the quilt, the number of blocks, and the type of quilting design.

  • Experiment with different quilting designs. There are many different types of quilting designs available, so experiment with different ones until you find one that you like.

  • The entire point of being able to do this for clients is to make sure both of us are clear on how you want your quilt to turn out, NO SURPRISES! :) This will help me to make sure that the quilting design is exactly what you want.

Will you be asking for this feature?? I am happy to quilt your tops for you! Fill out a quilt form today and we can get started together.

Check out more details on my longarm quilting services at it is my passion to share quilting with others and spread the joy it feels me with.


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