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Picking a Design

When choosing a design know that even though designs come with a "default size", I can do designs in a wide sizing range. If you like your quilting done dense or loose I can help accomplish that. If you are ever unsure if you will like the density or look of a design I can always audition a design for you on the computer and send photos before stitching anything on your quilt. If you can't find a design you love for your quilt I am happy to split the cost of a new design.

If you are looking for custom quilting designs please contact me and we will design something you will love. I have lots of designs for custom quilting available or we can split the cost of new ones that fit the look you want. I will send you a rough layout of what we plan to quilt on your quilt before I stitch anything on it.



Swirly - Loopy - Curly

Fans - Clams