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Quilt Top

  • If you have a lot of seams along the edges you may want to do a securing stitch (or small basting stitch) just 1/8" from the outside edges of your quilt to make sure none of your seams pop open during the handling of putting your quilt on the longarm. This will get covered by your binding so you don't have to worry about that.

  • Trim your threads. Look on the top of the quilt but then also keep in mind that you may want to trim those threads on the back of your top also. This is something I would definitely do if I had a lighter colored top that the threads might show through on. I do my best to keep my eyes out for any loose threads popping up through those seams but I am still human so it is always good for you to do this first and I will hopefully catch any that you may have missed.

  • Please mark the top of your quilt with a safety pin if it is directional. I do my best to make sure I have the correct top but it is not always obvious.

  • Press your top the best you can and neatly fold it then it is ready to go.

Quilt Prep: Top


I am happy to provide Winline comfort blend batting in the 80/20 cotton/poly blend and Winline Bamboo batting. I do have access to get 100% polyester or wool batting at request, contact me for availability.

Why Bamboo? Available in 4oz and 6oz weights. It is very durable and breathable, which will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It also drapes well, and adds a high level of quality to heirloom quilts.

If you would like to send your own batting that is great also. Please make sure it is at least 6" wider and longer then your quilt top.

Quilt Prep; Batting


  • Your backing needs to be at least 8 inches wider and longer then your quilt top. That will give me 4 inches minimum on each side to be able to put the quilt onto my longarm frame. 

  • If you have to piece your backing please make sure the selvage is cut off from the seams. Why? The selvage does not stretch and your material can so this will make sure that your backing will stay flat during the quilting process. *Tip: if you are piecing your backing use a 5/8 inch seam and press your seams open also keeping your backing as flat as  possible. 

  • When piecing a quilt backing, stay away from creating a symmetrical look. This can be problematic for me, as I am not be able to see the back while quilting, making it difficult to guarantee symmetry — especially if the backing fabric stretches a bit. I will always do my best.

  • Please mark the top of your quilt backing with a safety pin if it is directional. I do my best to make sure I have the correct top but it is not always obvious.

  • Press your backing the best you can and neatly fold it then it is ready to go.

Quilt Prep: Backing


How does your drop off location at K&H Quilt shoppe work? I have tried to make it a fairly simple process. Fill out a intake form here, to the best of your knowledge. Then you can just go drop off your quilt(s) at the shop with your name in the bag with it. It doesn't have to be a fancy bag if you don't want it to be. I will always send your bag back with your quilt also, so if it is a reusable bag then yeah! Please message me and tell me when you have dropped your quilt(s) by the shop.  My spouse will then pick up the quilt(s) on his way home from work Tues-Thurs normally. Once I have the quilt(s) in my studio I will message you telling you they arrived safely and will then address any additional questions. 

When I get all finished, I will send pictures and the invoice via email. Once it has been paid I will send the quilt(s) back with my spouse to the shop and let you know when they are ready for pick up. at that point you can pick up anytime it is convenient for you during the shops hours. 


What is the largest size quilt you can do? I have my longarm on a 12ft table giving me 126" of quilting space maximum. So I can do up to most king sized quilts.

How long will it take to get my quilt back? I try very hard to keep my lead times short. I can normally finish your quilt within 5-10 business days of when I receive it, with just a few exemptions. For a current lead time please message me.

Is there any way I can see what my quilt will look like quilted before you do it? Yes, well as close as you can without having to actually stitch anything first. I can audition your designs on the computer first to give you a very good idea on what it would look like. 

Do I need to baste my quilt before I send it? No. I need to load each layer of the quilt (backing/ batting/ quilt top) separately. Thank you for not basting them together!

Can I do a different type of backing then cotton? Yes. There are a lot of different options for backing. I love the look of minky on the back of a quilt. Just know that minky has different lengths of nap and can pull through to the front of your top during quilting. So when you pick your minky for the back keep the color of the front in mind. (I wouldn't do a dark minky on the back of a light colored top.)

How do I know if my quilt is good enough? Easy, IT IS GOOD ENOUGH. People who care enough to ask this question are the kind of quilters conscientious enough to do a good job. Trust me–your quilt is fine. It’s probably even great! I have never refused a quilt and I can’t envision a scenario where I ever would. We all have to start somewhere and the beginning is a beautiful place. Embrace the imperfections because now they are design features you created!

Quilt Prep; FAQ
Quilt Prep: questions

If you have any questions that I have not been able to answer please send me a message and I want to make sure this is an amazing experience for you!


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