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Square Inch Price

I charge 1.5-2 cents per square inch for all edge-to-edge designs. Pricing is dependent on design density and complexity. If additional density has been requested there may be a price increase to some designs.

Example: A quilt top is 60 inches x 80 inches. 60 x 80 = 4800 x .015 = $72.00.

My minimum quilting charge is $45. This means that a small quilt or table runner's square inch price will be rounded up to the $45 minimum.

Computerized Custom Quilting starts at 3 cents per square inch depending on the quilting chosen. Custom quilting can vary widely from quilt to quilt and pricing will be determined on a number of factors. I will send you a rough layout of what we plan to quilt on your quilt before I stitch anything on it.

Lead time is normally 5-10 business days.

On custom lead time, I still try my best to stay short on the lead time but planning out and quilting for custom does normally take longer due to the process. Please keep this in mind.

Rates: Welcome


I am happy to provide Winline comfort blend batting in the 80/20 cotton/poly blend or Winline Bamboo batting. I do have access to get 100% polyester, 4 oz Bamboo and Wool batting at request, contact me for availability and pricing.

Winline 80/20 Cotton/Poly blend $0.28/ linear inch

120" Wide Winline 80/20 Cotton/Poly blend $0.39/ linear inch

Winline 100% Bamboo 6 oz $0.50/ linear inch

120" Wide Winline 100% Bamboo 6 oz $0.61/ linear inch


Batting is a separate charge and is NOT included in the square inch price.

I charge for batting by the linear inch from queen rolls of batting except in the case of special orders.

I will use only what is needed for your quilt (smallest side + a 6" margin) and charge per inch.

For example, if you have a 60" x 80" quilt, I would cut 66" of the batting of your choice.                        
66" of 80/20 cotton/poly blend @ $0.28/in = $18.48

If you would like to send your own batting that is great also. Please make sure it is at least 6" wider and longer then your quilt top.

Rates: Batting


I always use high quality thread on your quilts. I stock Glide (#40 weight) and some Glide (#60 weight for bobbin) threads. I don't charge any extra fees for thread use, it's included in your square inch price. 
My personal style is to audition a few colors on your quilt and do my best to match or blend the thread that fits best with the fabrics in your quilt. But this is YOUR quilt! Let me know if you have a preference on thread color and we will come up with a color that you love!

Rates: Thread

Additional Optional Add-Ons

  • Sew Backing $10.00 per seam - If you do not want to sew your backing fabric together just send enough fabric yardage and I will sew it together for you.

  • Trimming Quilt $10.00 (High pile Minky $20.00) - When I trim your quilt, all I am doing is trimming away the extra backing and batting from the excess needed for quilting. The top stays the same as when you gave it to me. You will get back any fabric over 2 inches trimmed away. Batting trimmings can be returned upon request.

  • Adding Leaders $20.00 plus fabric cost- This is only used when I don't have enough extra fabric to be able to attach it to my longarm to quilt. This is why I ask for the extra 8" width and length on the backing fabric.

Rates: Add-Ons

Binding (optional)

I offer a double fold traditional binding to those who would like me to bind their quilts for them. You get to choose between machine binding or hand binding.

Machine binding is 15 cents per linear inch. This is most used for quilts that will get loved and used a lot. Machine binding is more durable for washing and using purposes. This method includes being machine stitched to the front of the quilt then turned to the back of the quilt and gets machine stitched down securing both front and back of the binding.

Hand binding is 25 cents per linear inch. This is used for show quilts or if you just like having the stitching invisible. This method includes being machine stitched to the front of the quilt then turned to the back and hand stitched down with a ladder stitch. 

With either method chosen please just send the yardage amount needed to do the binding. I will do all the work for you! I use 2.5" strips when binding.

Here is how to calculate the yardage needed for binding. 

Width + width + length + length + 10" = Total linear inches

(total linear inches) / 42 (or WOF) = Strips needed (always round up)

(strips needed) x 2.5 = Inches of fabric needed

*Example: You have a 67 x 72 quilt.

67 + 67 + 72 + 72 + 10 = 288

288 / 42 = 6.85 (7 strips)

7 x 2.5 = 17.5

So on this example quilt you would need to send a 1/2 yard of binding fabric.

There is a $20 minimum charge on binding. If you do choose to have the binding done then I do have to trim the quilt also as part of the process.

Rates: Binding
Rates: Photography


I'm not a professional photographer but I do my best to take "nice" photos with my "good" phone camera! Upon completion of the quilting, I will take photos of your quilt and then text/email you those images to use however you would like. I would just ask that you credit me for the photo and/or quilting if posting publicly. This extra service is included in your square inch price.

Sew Em Quilting retains the right to post photographs of the quilts on my business site and used for promotional purposes on social media. If you DO NOT want me to post your quilt photos ever please let me know that when filling out my quilting form. When I post pictures of your quilts on my social media, I would like to tag you in the posts to give you the credit for your beautiful work. I never know if that quilt is a gift/secret and I do not want to blow any surprises for you. I do ask if I need to wait until a certain date (or later) for this reason. I am just trying to be thoughtful of your hard work.


Shipping your top and backing to me: I live in Utah, USA, and would be happy to receive your top and backing by mail. I would recommend sending your materials enclosed in some kind of sack or bag to protect against possible moisture in transit and then placed in a hard-sided cardboard box. Make sure the box is securely taped and labeled clearly. As soon as I have your package in my possession I will message you letting you know it has arrived.

Return shipping: Customer pays for return shipping. I will send your quilt back to you in the manner described above via UPS or USPS Priority mail using the most cost effective method. Priority mail comes with $100 of insurance and a tracking number but please indicate on your intake form if you would like me to add any additional insurance on your behalf. It's a great idea to insure your valuables against loss or damage while with the Postal Service, but I don't require it.

I will send your tracking information to you as soon as I send your quilt back to you.

Rates: Shipping

Other Costs

As mentioned above, batting is not included in the square inch price. I'm required by the State of Utah to collect sales tax on material goods (ex. batting/fabric).

If leaders need to be added, additional ironing, excessive thread trimming needs to be done there may be extra fees added.

Rates: Other Costs


After the work is complete, I will invoice you via Square to your email provided. I accept Venmo (@sewemquilting) or Card in the invoice. I do appreciate timely payments as that enables me to mail your project(s) back to you right away.

If you are local I accept the above payment options and Cash or Check.

Ready to book a quilt? Click Here.

Rates: Payment
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